Sex Positions

What are your positions or take rather when it comes to treating your ladies? Real men are supposed to treat their sex companions in a colorful way. Escorts are sexy girls who can teach you on how to enjoy your time with girls. You could be doing good sex with your escorts but not valuing way in some others ways. There are some things escorts sexy girland your sex partner may want from you but because you are naïve, they live in desperately. Is there a reason why something of that nature should happen to escorts when you can now other goodies they like not just sex? AS has always been the case, escorts love to have fun and it is up to your positions to make that a reality. What sex positions do you love? If you are an enthusiast of the Team 69 sex, then you need to try that with your sex partner. Escorts are also very willing to give you tutorials on which sex positions may make your sex partner reach her full orgasm. Sex positions matters a lot but the problem is that there is no one willing to teach you. Really? It is true but thanks to escorts because they can do that awesomely.

Leaving that brief behind, it is about that time you need to be introduced to positions your mind need to pay attention to when taking your girl out. Your girl and it could be escorts too love to be taken to the following places:

Swimming Pools

Can you call it a fun day swimming yet you are single and escorts are just a call away? When going out for swimming if your swimming positions gets boring when alone, call escorts not for sex but for just happy moments. She will be wearing her sexy costume and this will make you mad for her in a positive way.

Movie Theater

Can you eat that popcorn alone when in the cinema while other guys are enjoying themselves with their sex partners? Even in the movie theater hall there are seating positions you need to learn and that can be a reality when your girls are all around.

Shopping Endeavor

No matter if you are footing the bill or not, always have your wife with you when doing household shopping. You are supposed to be the one to tell her whether that lingerie is appealing or not. She will always cherish you advice because if you can’t do that who will?

Adult Shopping

This is another explicit place you need to be with your girl. For example, when buying sex lubrication oil, it will be

ideal if you help her in making the right choice. You can buy an anal vibrator together with her so that one of you can be stimulating the other with it.


What about a cup of coffee and hamburger at Starbucks? You need to be with her so that you can show your love for her in a celebrity way. Hold the mug for her and she also needs to do that for you.

Do any of the above and your girl will never left for another man or even lady.